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Help Marple Squash Club continue to thrive!

With Michael Kitching understandably choosing to step back from helping to run the club after so many years of generous service, we now need an army of volunteers to replace him!  Please have a look down the list of roles below and see which - if any - your schedule, talents and interests would most suit!

Things in a red border are currently done by Hannah H.

  • Internal relations
    Whoever takes over this role would be the first point of call for new enquiries. One of their primary responsibilities would be to protect Michael from day-to-day involvement in club administration. Note from Andy Brown: I have provisionally agreed to do this role for a bit (although I'd be more than happy to step aside if anyone else prefers to!).
  • Competitions
    This includes organising the NWCSL and other teams, as well as the club box leagues. John Williams has agreed to run the NWCSL teams (sometimes a thankless task, although this should be easier now that all teams have to choose players from Squash Levels). I'm happy to continue doing the box leagues for now. The other positions are vacant!
  • Facilities
    These roles ensure that the club continues to function smoothly behind the scenes! Graham will continue to spend a couple of hours each week cleaning and doing maintenance at the club (as he has done behind the scenes for so many years), with John Verity helping with maintenace where needed. Graham will also check the payments system works smoothly. Various people are looking at a new booking system. We do need someone to be membership secretary, however!
  • External relations (various)
    This involves a variety of different roles, and might need different people to do each of them. In no particular order ... Each of these roles probably requires different skills and experience.
  • Chair
    Filling this role is a requirement of the club's constitution. Here's what the role involves: This would ideally sit someone who doesn't mind committee meetings, and who is in touch with what's going on at the club (so ideally someone who plays squash regularly, and knows a range of people at the club).
  • Junior development
    Last but very much not least, this involves ensuring that there will still be people playing squash at Marple when the current generation have long since retired! Ideally this role would be taken by someone who has one or more children who currently come to the Saturday juniors' sessions.
  • Secretary
    This is also a role mandated by the club's constitution, and involves the following: Again, this would suit someone with a good knowledge of the club, who plays squash regularly.

Please let me (Andy B) know what this list misses out or has got wrong!

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