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PSA Rebound Recycling Scheme


We are collecting items for a recycling scheme led by the PSA who donate usable squash gear to support community squash programs for children across the world.  You can see full details of the Rebound scheme by downloading this PDF:

Below are some guidelines for what the scheme will accept.


Modern shaped rackets please (no small head rackets from the 80’s or older). Either junior and adult sized rackets are both good - most programmes use adult rackets. Rackets in need of stringing are happily accepted. We do not take rackets that have cracks or breaks in the frame. As long as the frame is intact and the racket is a modern shape / roughly from 2000’s onwards, we’ll take them!



Any whatsoever, as long as they haven’t broken. Shiny balls still work well in hotter countries.




Any sizes whatsoever, just with a general preference for smaller junior sizes. Generally this is T Shirts, shorts, women’s playing tops and skirts. Only lightweight sports fabrics, no heavy cotton based materials. We send clothing that will allow people to play squash comfortably, so we do not want jumpers or jackets. Full length tracksuit bottoms and long sleave tops are accepted, as some charity juniors we support need to have their skin covered. No clothing that has holes in or is severely faded. Rough rule of thumb: ask yourself if you would let your child wear it. If so, we’ll take it.


Court Shoes

As long as there are no holes in them, we’ll take them. Use the same rule, would you let your child wear them? If so, we’ll take them.


Any accessories

These typically can't be used items, but if anyone would like to donate any new grips, new sweatbands or new string, the donations would be much appreciated. Used large racket bags are accepted, as we ship donations inside these bags. Used goggles are also very useful. We do not want used sweatbands or socks, and we also do not want small backpacks.

The collection basket is under the coffee machine in the lobby and we will keep it there until the New Year in case you are lucky enough for Santa to bring you some shiny new squash toys! If you have any questions please contact Gareth Eastwood.

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